Tree grower’s

We’ve created a set of 8 how-to videos to help you on your tree growing and planting journey. From woodland and nursery design, to seed collecting, tree growing, planting and aftercare.

Corylus avellana

Woodland design

Learn about the principles of woodland design: where to plant trees, what species to plant and how to layout your woodland.

Nursery design

Learn about what you need to consider when setting up a community tree nursery, including growing trees in the ground or in pots, tree protection, watering and bio-security.

Seed collecting

Find out how to collect your tree seed, how to identify suitable sites and trees, what to look for and how to harvest the seed.

Seed processing

If you have collected tree seed and wish to learn how best to process the seeds this video will guide you through the processes for different species, how to prepare your seeds for germination, including different stratification techniques.

Pricking out and potting on

Discover the secrets to pricking out your trees once they’ve germinated and how to pot them on so they grow strong and healthy.

Growing bare root and cellular trees

Learn how to grow your bare root and cellular (container grown) trees, the benefits of each system, including when to plant the trees out, how to create a bare root bed, lining out, and protecting your trees.

Lifting and planting trees

Learn the best way to lift, sort, batch and get your trees ready to leave the tree nursery. Find out how to look after them at your chosen planting site and how to plant and protect woodland and hedgerow trees.

Woodland aftercare

Woodland aftercare is essential to a healthy, functioning woodland. Find out what to do in the first two years after planting a woodland and take a look inside woodlands that are 5, 10 and 20 years old.

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