The Tree
Grower’s Guide

Welcome to The Tree Grower’s Guide, a beginner’s guide to identifying and growing trees from seed, and starting a Community Tree Nursery.

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We appreciate the full document is very long (274 pages!) and you may only want to download manageable chunks that are of most use to you. We have split the full document into bite-size sections.

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Trees from seeds

Our handy guide to tree seed collecting and processing


Tree and seed identification

Our handy guide to tree seed collecting and processing


Community tree nursery set-up

From finding sites to planting out, here’s what you need to know


Case studies

Learn how other Community Tree Nurseries are run

Watch our
how-to videos

Eight how-to videos to help you on your tree growing and planting journey.

View more
useful resources

Additional resources to help you further understand how best to grow and plant your trees.

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